Save over £2,000 in energy costs

A new report, ‘Watt a Save’, published last week by HBF, has found that buyers of new build properties will save over £2,000 per year in energy bills. Given the escalating home energy costs, that’s a substantial saving and a solid reason to purchase a new build home rather than an older property.

The report that analysed government data on the energy efficiency of new build and existing homes found:

  • New build homes save an average of £2,600 per property each year, with the average annual running costs for a new build totalling £1,500 compared to an average of £3,570 for older properties.
  • New build properties significantly reduce energy usage, with the average new build using approximately 100 kWh per m2 each year, compared to older properties requiring an average of 259kWh per m2.
  •  84% of new build homes were rated with an EPC of B or above, while less than 4% of existing dwellings reached the same standard.
  • Buyers of new homes are contributing to the country’s progression towards net zero, with each new build preventing 2.2 tonnes of carbon from being emitted each year.

Collectively, new build home buyers are saving over £500 million and reducing carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes a year!

Despite government action to keep a cap on energy prices, for now, bills are now significantly higher than just a few months ago. And those living in older and inefficient properties will be paying more than those living in a new build house. So if you’re considering buying your first property or moving house, it makes financial sense to buy a new build.

Our new build homes at Goodmores should have an EPC B rating, which is a high energy-efficiency score. Out homes will feature uPVC high-performance windows, high levels of insulation, energy-efficient boilers with smart heating controls and low-energy LED lighting to ensure maximum energy efficiency and thermal performance. If you’d like to enjoy the financial benefits of an energy-efficient home and want to know more about our homes at Goodmores, please get in touch.