Recommend a friend

Would you like the best neighbours in town?

We know you’d love living in a new home at Goodmores. But imagine how much better it would be if you could choose your neighbours.

Well, now you can! Our Recommend a Friend scheme is a perfect incentive to entice your friends to join you and snap up a beautiful new home at Goodmores.

Tell your friends what they’re missing out on, and if you and they decide to buy, we’ll reward you and your friend with £2,500 in cash or £5,000 towards upgrades in your new home. Terms and conditions apply, please see below.

To find out more or pass on a recommendation, please contact us.

Recommend a Friend Scheme Terms and Conditions

1. A referral is validated when the new customer to 3West identifies themselves as a referral at the first point of contact with the 3West Sales Executive. Failure to do so will invalidate the offer.

2. The offer is open for referrals made before 28 February 2023.

3. The referral reward will only be paid once you have legally completed on your 3West home and the referral has either unconditionally contracted or legally completed on theirs.

4. Once a referral is validated, both parties will receive written confirmation the introduction is valid.

5. 3West reserves the right to withdraw or change the referral promotion at any time, with or without notice

6. There are a maximum of three referrals allowed.

7. This offer is not applicable if the referral is for a customer already registered on our database having shown interest previously.