Customer Charter

We want to ensure that the process of buying a new home is as straightforward as possible. For this reason, we have a Customer Charter, which sets out our commitment to you:

  • We will ensure safe living and working conditions for all our customers, staff, and sub-contractors.
  • We will comply with the New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice.
  • We will provide you with detailed information about your new property and our professional after-sales customer service, which uses the Clixifix online reporting system.
  • We will give you regular updates on the progress of construction, exchange of contracts and legal completion, and respond efficiently to any queries that may arise.
  • Before you move in, we will offer you the opportunity to attend a demonstration of your new home.
  • Upon moving in, we will ensure you have important information such as appliance manuals, manufacturers’ warranties and installation certificates and know how to contact us.



Before you move in, your home will have been subject to a detailed 3West Quality Inspection, in addition to NHBC sign offs. We have carefully selected the products within your new home for their quality. To provide further peace of mind, we provide a two-year warranty and NHBC 10 Year Buildmark Warranty.

Emergency Cover

We provide you with 12 months of British Gas Homecare. This service responds to emergency items 24 hours a day 7 days a week and covers plumbing, heating, electrics, and drainage. The cover includes your first Boiler Service which is required to maintain the boiler’s warranty. We encourage you to continue this cover (or similar) after the first year.

NHBC 10 Year Warranty

Your new home has the benefit of a 10 Year NHBC warranty, which protects against the unlikely event of structural defects. The full details of this cover are available online and a hard copy will be provided at Reservation.

During the first two years of your ownership, 3West are responsible for any defects in materials or workmanship in your new home. From years three to ten, our warranty extends to structural items only. The NHBC Warranty replicates this cover and provides you peace of mind should 3West fail to remedy these items.

The 3West and NHBC Warranties do not cover general wear and tear, storm damage, condensation, normal shrinkage, or damage arising from a failure to maintain and service the property.

New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice

3West subscribes to and complies with the New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice. You can find further details at www.nhqb.org.uk.