About us

Who we are

We are a privately owned house builder specialising in creating quality new build developments and we are united by our commitment to helping transform the South West.

What matters to us

We are committed to building great homes, in fantastic locations and putting customers at the heart of everything we do.

Experience has shown us that they’re the things that matter most to customers, which means they’re the things that matter most to us.

As a privately owned company we can focus our time and attention on customer experience, supply chain and local communities.

Colin Palmer

Boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience in the new build sector, Colin has spent the last 15 years operating at Managing Director level, creating best in class schemes across the West Country.

Highlights include establishing two new house building businesses in the South West, including a new Plc Regional Office and a new SME Housebuilder.

With an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards, Colin’s developments have secured numerous national awards for build quality as well as the highest customer satisfaction levels.

Colin also holds the position of Chair of the Housebuilders Federation (HBF) in the South West and acts as Non-Executive Director for a number of other housebuilders.

“It’s doubly rewarding to not only create quality homes but to know you’ve given your customers the best experience possible along the way is really satisfying – this is what drives my continued passion for house building. I look forward to helping create more exceptional property developments around the South West with James.”

James Fowler

Following his Masters degree in Engineering from Oxford University, James pursued a career in finance working for leading investment banks and hedge funds, before forming his own hedge fund management firm in 2003. Quantmetrics became a leader in its field, winning many industry awards. After a successful career in finance, James transitioned into residential and commercial property, before founding 3West with Colin in 2021.

“As a third generation property developer, my passion for property came from a young age. At 3West we want to create beautiful homes with a strong attention to detail that can be the heart of the family and community.”